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About the Proprietor

From the ocean to the desert, from the desert back to the ocean.

We don’t follow trends at Ocean Heir. We provide a place to allow our designers, makers and artists to emerge and incubate organically – waiting to be discovered and enjoyed by those who visit. I get excited every time I see something for the first time created by a designer or nature and believe this enthusiasm is contagious and felt by our customers.

I look at what we do as an investment in supporting what I call a philosophy of sustainable consumerism. If one really own’s their own signature style, and builds upon that, they’re not having to reinvest in a new closet full of clothes every year. One’s shopping should not be in response to the latest trend leading to a wasteful disposal of last year’s wardrobe. Instead, we help serve, style and fine-tune clients’ own sense of image and how that manifests itself in fashion and self-expression.

Providing employment for the very special and talented women who work at the shop (many established artists in their own right) – a “studio” of sorts where their own creative spirits can live freely as we together make a living, is of the utmost importance to me.

All said and done, at Ocean Heir it is not all about fashion as it is about the people – being the thread that binds together the small business quilt made of employees, vendors, and customers. My work as a merchant is rooted in ethical business practices. We give back by providing the highest level of customer service within a nurturing environment for all who enter.

It has been a privilege for me to have the opportunity to provide beautiful items made by amazingly gifted people, some of whom I’ve been doing business with for nearly 30 years, locally and globally. I’ve been fortunate to have traveled the world and having my eyes opened to other cultures that in turn ignited my inspiration and creativity. To this day, decades after my initial discoveries and building relationships with these artisans, I still buy jewelry, clothing, and other goods from vendors I’ve met in India, Africa, Istanbul, Australia, and other exotic locales across the globe. I have sat at their tables and drank tea from their cups and are now forever friends.

Isn’t this what’s it’s all about? And it’s in that same spirit I believe we bring to Ocean Heir.

Ebb & Flow, the sister boutique to Ocean Heir, had its grand opening in 2019 on Cambria’s iconic Moonstone Beach Drive. Like Ocean Heir, it features Diane’s personality and distinct design sense in a uniquely different presentation and style. Also featured are exclusive items from her very own Cambria Candle Company™ launched in 2016, and Ebb & Flow Creative photography and jewelry developed during her time spent at her summer cabin on Hinchinbrook Island, Cordova, Alaska and Cannon Beach Oregon.

Diane has also owned and operated three boutiques in Palm Springs in addition to designing homes and developing real estate. She has a long resume of community activism. Diane served Palm Springs as Vice President of Special Events with the local Chamber, was a board member on the City’s Economic Development Committee, was an Advisor to the College of the Desert in Retail Studies, and a founding committee member for Villagefest, to name a few of her volunteer contributions. During this time Diane received numerous awards including from the City of Palm Springs their Small Business of the Year, Athena’s Entrepreneur of the Year, and other numerous acknowledgements pertaining to business and design. Of note, December 2, 1998, was proclaimed Diane Matzner Day by the Mayor of Palm Springs.